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Our CBD products go through a rigorous process of testing and research so that we can provide the best CBD Oils, creams and gels in the industry.  We send our products to MCR Labs for analyzing.

MCR Labs provides a comprehensive array of analytical services ranging from R&D to Regulatory Compliance Testing. Their analytical scientists are fully trained to provide reliable tests with a critical eye to safety and efficiency.


MCR Labs use modern technology to bring cannabis science into the 21st century. For quantitative analyses MCR utilizes High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to evaluate cannabinoid levels in samples. This technique offers the accuracy and reliability of gas chromatography (GC) but offers the ability to distinguish all the cannabinoids due to a lower working temperature. HPLC is the gold standard in pharmaceutical testing.


To view results of Absolute CBD testing report, click on this link  You will be directed to the MCR Labs website.

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Benefits of CBD

Benefits of CBD are its moderating effects upon THC, as illustrated in numerous studies.  CBD removes THC from the CB1 Receptor, thus counteracting the effects of THC such as Intoxication, Memory Impairment & Paranoia, while the added pain relief benefits of THC remains. The fact that there is a system within our body that produces and is specifically designed to accept Cannabinoids, illustrates the overwhelming efficacy of Cannabis as a medicine.

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